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GCPS provides a holistic education and has certified teaching positions available in many areas. You have what it takes to shape the next generation of leaders, achievers, and influencers — and we’re eager to meet you!


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We’re committed to filling our 139 schools with teachers who are passionate, innovative, and driven to help our students receive the world-class education they deserve. View all open positions for certified teachers or get more information about our critical needs openings in the following areas:


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"It has been my experience that when learning isn’t genuinely engaging for students, they either ignore it or endure it. The single most inspiring difference in the teachers I admire is the engagement of their students— they love coming to school, never want to leave, and achieve beyond what they ever have as a result. Excellence means not only measurable learning of standards, but also connecting those AKS (Academic Knowledge and Skills) to students’ curiosity and to what is naturally fascinating about the world. It means learning the AKS and being excited that you did. It means experiencing the AKS instead of receiving them."

Dr. Doug Doblar
2018 GCPS Teacher of the Year
Head Elementary