GCPS HR Insider: Tips to Jumpstart Your Job Search Over the Holidays


For soon-to-be grads who want to become teachers, it’s tempting to “turn off” after exams. While you certainly should make time to catch up with friends and family, there are some easy ways to jumpstart your applications during a movie marathon. Below, get insider info from the Gwinnett County Public Schools HR team on what you can do to get ahead when applying for teaching jobs in the new year:

1. Organize Your Profiles on the Gwinnett County Public Schools Employment Site and on LinkedIn
In the GCPS application system there are a couple of things to note:
• You’re allowed to complete an application in several sessions, even on different days, without losing your progress
• The application consists of multiple steps and will take you approximately 30-45 minutes

To complete your pre-employment file, you’ll need to enter all personal information, upload certification documentation, and provide two recent supervisory references (these survey forms are found within the application). This will also put you ahead of the game when registration for the annual GCPS Certified Teacher Job Fair opens in February.

For LinkedIn, make sure your profile picture is something you’d want your principal to see. Fill in any relevant info from your student teaching courses, ask for endorsements, and don’t be shy — if you studied abroad, participate in extracurricular or charity activities, speak another language, or have notable talents, this is the place to highlight them. Up to 45% of hiring managers consider personality and “cultural fit” just as important as grades and performance.

2: Nail Your Elevator Pitch (and Practice with Your Family)
At dinner, you’ll be asked at least a dozen times “What’s after college?” and at your interviews, “Why are you the best fit for our school?” You’ve studied teaching, you know you want to teach … so how do you explain it quickly? Ask yourself these questions:
• Who am I?
• What do I do?
• What am I looking for?

At GCPS, we hire teachers who believe that all students will succeed and have a passion for helping them achieve their goals. Your 30-second response should highlight what you love about helping students, any student teaching techniques that you perfected, and what you want to accomplish as a teacher.

3. Use Holiday Sales for Dress Code-Approved Outfits
Take advantage of merchandise-moving deals to figure out what looks good, feels good and is appropriate for your upcoming interviews. “Professional, conservative dress” may seem intimidating but take cues from the cool weather — look for turtlenecks, sweaters, and button-downs in muted colors or interesting detail, stocking-stuffer sized accessories, and pants, skirts and dresses that pass the “sit down” test. Don’t forget the closed-toe shoes, too!

4. Research
Put those study hall skills to work and research the Gwinnett County School district as well as your target schools. Check out the websites, press releases, blogs, and even the principals’ LinkedIn profiles, to get an idea of what you can bring to the team, as well as potential opportunities for fundraisers and other areas of engagement.

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