Frequently Asked Questions

What are your vacancies?

All vacancies in GCPS are listed online here

How do I apply for a job?

You need to submit a complete application and upload all of the necessary supporting documentation to apply for a position with GCPS.

What documentation is needed to complete my online application?
You will need to have your two most current supervisors submit references electronically through the online application. If student teaching or a recent graduate, we require a reference from a college supervisor and another from a supervising teacher. Current teachers need to have a reference from their most recent principal and an additional reference from a department head or Assistant Principal. We also require a copy of your current certification (or content assessment) uploaded, as well as a resume and copy of college transcript. If applying for a non-teaching position, please have 2 supervisory references submitted and a copy of your resume and college transcript, if applicable.

What happens after I submit my application?  What is the status of my application?
After submitting your completed application and to be considered for any/all openings in your certification field, continue to apply to postings of interest.

Will I be contacted for a job interview?
After applications are reviewed, applicants qualified for specified positions are referred to principals or other hiring managers for their consideration. Principals/Hiring Managers then contact the candidates they are interested in interviewing. The Division of Human Resources does not know who will be contacted for interviews.

I submitted an application, but have not yet heard back. Who should I contact?

Unfortunately, due to the large volume of applications we receive, we are unable to respond personally to all applicants. Should your qualifications match a staffing need, you will be directly contacted.

Can I apply via email, fax, mail, or by directly contacting the hiring department?

Gwinnett County Public Schools only accepts applications submitted through the electronic application system. For those without Internet access, Human Resources has several “kiosks” that can be used to access the electronic application system.

How frequently do you update the job postings?
Job postings are updated daily with the addition of new positions and the removal of filled positions.

A job has been posted for a number of months. Is it still open?
If a position is on the website, it is still open and the principal or program manager is still seeking candidates.

Do jobs remain posted after the position has been filled?
Postings are removed once a job has been filled.

Can I update an application once it has been submitted?
Once you have submitted an application, you will be able to log back in and make changes to your information.

Do I need to complete an application if I previously worked for the district?
Yes, it is required that you submit an online application even if you have worked for the district previously.

Can I submit an application without specifying a position?
Applicants may submit an application for a “vacancy desired” or for a “position desired.”