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Gwinnett County Experiencing a Growing Need for Special Education Teachers

teacher with special needs child

Working in special education is more than a job—for many, it’s a calling. People who are called to work in special education do so because they know that they can make a true difference in the world, helping children who may have emotional issues or learning disabilities to reach their full potential. While this field is often challenging, most people in this line of work find it incredibly fulfilling.

Here in Gwinnett County, the need for qualified special education instructors has never been greater. As more people move into the region, we are seeing more diversity in the types of students enrolled in Gwinnett County Public Schools, including more children with unique needs. We aim to give every student a top tier education, and this is especially true of students in our special education programs. Our dedicated special education teachers can provide these students the support they need to flourish.

Special education instruction provides an extraordinary learning opportunity for both the students and the teachers. For students, the opportunity to work closely with a team of dedicated instructors prepares them with the foundation they need for real world success. For teachers, such programs provide firsthand exposure to an array of teaching tools an instructor needs to succeed in any teaching environment. Drawing upon the most recent research and programs in the special education space, Gwinnett County Public Schools strive to create genuine and effective experiences for students in our special education programs.

The major goals of our special education programs involve highlighting the skills that are essential for student success, and then taking steps to help each student meet objectives associated with those skills. Because of the special needs of each student, we carefully consider each child’s unique circumstances in developing our programs.

Here in Gwinnett County, we believe all students can learn and achieve over time. By highlighting students’ strengths, we can work with them to overcome challenges on their paths to personal growth. This may involve frequent interaction with parents, administrators and other instructors to ensure the students are receiving support inside the classroom, as well as outside of it.

If you’re looking for a great, rewarding opportunity working with an award-winning special needs program, then it’s time to learn more about the numerous opportunities with Gwinnett County Public Schools special education programs.

If you need more convincing, hear GCPS 2017 TOTY and Special Education teacher at Rockbridge Elementary, Jamie McFarland share her promise and passion working with students of special needs. Interested? Apply Now!