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Language Education: Latest Trends in Tech and Teaching

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At GCPS, we are always looking for more effective and innovative ways to prepare our students for success. That certainly applies to our foreign language program, which currently ranks as the 14th largest in the country. Our diverse program enables more than 179,000 students to adopt and adapt to new cultures before and after graduation. With that much volume, technology is a necessity, not a luxury. Multimedia and online solutions make powerful supplements to aid teachers in making learning as engaging as possible.

Apps and language-learning software offer a variety of tools and games that present material in a format that today’s tech-savvy children are often more comfortable with than many adults. For learning to be successful, it also has to be relevant and relatable. Technology can help with that, but it is only one aspect of our robust program. We are proud to be home to more than 350 language teachers. This provides new hires with a community of support that is committed to helping both them and their students succeed.

Collaboration is key at GCPS. One of the greatest examples of that is our trend-setting dual language program which allows two teachers to work together to ensure their shared students learn the full Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) curriculum while developing proficiency in both English and their chosen language. Each teacher maintains his or her classroom with the students switching rooms half-way through the day.

What is especially satisfying is to see how our programs are not only preparing our students for future success but also helping our teachers succeed right now. Language education is growing rapidly, and we expect demand to remain high across the nation. Being part of a system with the resources and recognition of GCPS is an incredible opportunity for continued growth and advancement.

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