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Career Fair Interview Tips for Success

candidates dressed for interviews

Someone once said that luck is preparation meeting opportunity. With that in mind, here are 10 tips that can help you prepare for success at our various career and job fairs:

Research – Before we get to know you, it’s important that you get to know us. Our home page and are great places to start. This will also help you determine if GCPS is a good match for your skills and interests as well as develop questions that you’ll want to be answered.

Résumé – Bring at least 10 copies of your résumé on high quality white or ivory paper. Make sure that they are proofed, critiqued, and corrected. To protect your résumés from damage, carry them in a leather portfolio or folder. Also, include a career objective to help you communicate your goals and interests.

Dress Attire – Make your first impression a great one by dressing professionally (no blue jeans or t-shirts). Wear proper business attire and avoid excessive jewelry or heavy makeup. We also recommend not wearing hats, unless for religious or cultural reasons, and removing piercings and covering tattoos.

Introduction – Present yourself as confident, pleasant, and relaxed. Smile, make eye contact, give a firm handshake. Don’t be afraid to practice introducing yourself out loud. Your name, grade level, and major are a good start. Be clear and concise.

Value Prop – Know how to market yourself. When they ask you to tell them more about you, boil it down into a 30-second “elevator pitch.” This is a quick synopsis of your major/certification and education level, why you chose your major, what you like best about your chosen field, and your strengths and passions.

Questions – As previously mentioned, research will prepare you to ask school administrators pertinent questions. These might include further details on hiring needs and projections, current and future goals, and what makes their school unique.

Listen – Be a good listener and take plenty of notes.

Business Cards – You’ll want to keep the contact information of the employers you meet. If they don’t have business cards with them, write their information down so you can follow-up later.

Follow-Up – Be sure to send an email and/or a handwritten note to the administrators you met with whom you hope to get an interview. Emails are quick but sometimes end up deleted or in the junk folder. Connect with them via professional social media options such as LinkedIn.

Have Fun – A career fair is a wonderful opportunity to practice your interviewing skills, connect with others, and meet people who want you to succeed.

We look forward to seeing you soon! For the latest info and opportunities, visit